Office Visit  (OV)         $50

Follow-up                    $30

DOT Exam                   $80

SPORTS/WORK PE       $20


Kenalog-Steroid                          $20

Rocephin                                     $15

Nubain 20mg                              $20

Toradol 60mg                              $20

Vitamin B12                                  $20

Testosterone 200mg/1ML       $20/ML

General Injection-

allergy/depoprovera                  $10

Tetanus +OV                              $60

Urine Dip                                    $15

Skin Tag Removal up to 3 +OV    $60

Incision and drainage +OV         $60

Ingrown Toenail +OV                  $60

Joint Injection +OV                     $60

Comprehensive Physical            $75

Sutures/Staples +OV                   $60

Ear Irrigation +OV                       $30

TB test                                        $25

suture removal/nebulizer           $15

Prices for common office procedures

Poison ivy rash is an allergic reaction to urushiol (the toxin found in poison ivy, oak and sumac plants), the only ways to contract poison ivy are through direct contact with the plant; (click to read more)

All DOT exams are completed by a certified examiner, and with the intent to keep drivers on the road. Our DOT physicals are $80. (click to read more)

Click on the link above to be directed to common physicals needed. Feel free to print out and bring with you to make your physical go that much faster. All standard physicals are $20.