Our Nurse Practioners
Gary Artrip, CNP
Owner of After Hours Family Health Care.

He has over 15 years of experience working in the health-care industry.

Unlike many people in this industry, Gary knows the value of taking the time to listen, talk with, and understand his patients. Everyone is different and therefore cookie-cutter treatment benefits nobody. Instead, Gary approaches everyone's concerns and problems with the patience necessary for the best treatment.

Often, today, you find health-care professionals more pre-occupied with what's on their laptops than with the actual person they are treating. Instead, at After Hours Family Health Care, we use technology, but we never let it replace old-fashioned customer interaction.

Roseanne Dove , CNP

Roseanne brings to After Hours Family Health Care over 20 years nursing experience. She obtained her Family Nurse Practitioner 2013. 


Roseanne is a graduate of University of Cincinnati. She is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner. 


Roseanne is certified to perform DOT physicals and botulism injections for anesthetic purposes.  Her passion is for affordable primary and preventative care. 

Roseanne lives in Chillicothe with her husband and children and 3 Chihuahuas.   Her hobbies include kayaking, camping and boating, as well as operating her family concession business. 

Our Mission:

During a time of increasingly complex health care system, we strive to offer our services to you and your family at affordable prices during convenient evening and weekend hours.


Our goal is to provide quality, compassionate health care for the entire family in an understanding and personalized environment.

Nurse practitioners are formally trained in caring for the sick and possess extensive training enabling them to diagnose, treat and manage many common ailments with the holistic approach of nursing.

In many cases, they perform the same functions as doctors:

  • Identify and treat acute and chronic illnesses

  • Order and analyze labs and other diagnostic tests

  • Prescribe medications.

Doctors and nurse practitioners differ most in the time spent on their respective educations and the types of patients they typically choose to see.

Physicians spend more time in school and conduct deeper study of diseases. Many physicians will identify a specific area or specialty that they have the most knowledge or interest in to pursue as a career.

Nurse practitioners also focus heavily on education. They complete graduate-level courses and spend hundreds of hours performing supervised clinical work. Nurse practitioners  see patients at every phase of their lives, and typically don’t specialize in any one area. They function well as primary care providers because their background includes knowledge of both holistic and wellness-oriented programs, which spotlight education, risk identification and preventative care as well as conventional medicine.


Latest Clinic News:


Weight Loss 

Initial Visit $90, Follow-up $50


During the initial visit for weight loss,  we get a health history, get your height and weight, order labs as needed, administer a B12 injection, give education about diet and exercise, and go over the different medications we prescribe to see what will be the best fit for you.  

We will follow you monthly during your weight loss journey, and all subsequent monthly visits are $50.  

No appointment is necessary. Just let the receptionist know when you come in that you are there for a weight loss appointment.  

The price of the visit does include a prescription for the weight loss medication, however, the medication is an additional expense at the pharmacy. We do work with mail order pharmacies to give you a better option for pricing. We do not take insurance. We prescribe contrave and qsymia (phentermine/toprimate).

Low Testosterone 

Did you know that testosterone levels naturally decrease as you age?

Benefits of Testosterone

Improved sex drive and erections             Improved mood

Improved energy levels                               Improved memory

Improved muscle mass and strength       Stronger bones                                          Reduced body and belly fat

We treat  low testosterone. The initial Visit is $50. Once labs are done to check testosterone levels, and it is determined that you need injections, pay for the injection only at following visits, not an office fee. And, no wait time. Let the receptionist know you are there only for an injection, and skip the line!



Poison Ivy

It is time once again for poison ivy season! 

If you have a reaction you will likely need prescription medicine. Your practioner may prescribe a steroid ointment that you can apply to the skin. To treat a severe case, a strong medicine like prednisone may be necessary.

If you have an infection, your practioner may prescribe an antibiotic. 

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